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Embroidered Shirt "Peony"


This women's embroidered shirt is characterized by the authentic ornament, which is typical for Sumy region. The shirt is made of high-quality linen. It is embroidered with cotton thread. To make the vyshyvanka old Ukrainian techniques are used: "zbyranka" stiches on the neck (an equal number of threads of the cloth is taken and tightened with a thread in the fold. Folds are knitted so that they lie tightly together. To achieve this, folds are tightened with one more thread just below the first one) and "pukhlyky" stitches (tiny gatherings) on the sleeves. It is handmade.

The symbolism of embroidery: an embroidered eight-pointed star is considered to be a powerful guard symbol. It protects people protects people from evil, misfortune, as well as "programs" a person to achieve the objectives. "Zigzag branches", embroidered on the sleeves, symbolize the creation of a harmonious holistic system out of a chaotic space of separate stars. This is confirmed and strengthened by the signs of fetus, embroidered in the form of square.

Advantages: An ancient ornament of Sumy region. Implementation of old techniques. Handmade.

Details: The cuffs and neck are fastened with Czech natural buttons from seashells. Decorated with "zbyranka" stiches on the neck and "pukhlyky" stitches on the sleeves.

Fabric: high quality linen.