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Embrace positive environmental and social values without compromising on quality or style

MAKUA Jewelry

MÂKUA Jewelry works with three indigenous communities in Colombia: the Êbêrâ Chami, Los Guna Dule and Tikuna, fusing ancestral techniques of these groups with contemporary jewelry. MÂKUA works under fair trade practices, understanding the value of these crafts, and respecting the life cycles and geographical location of these artisans, especially the indigenous women who are the main bearers of this knowledge.
In this way, they can carry out their work without having to travel to the cities, but by staying in their shelters, combining the work of MÂKUA with the activities of the home and the care of their families, thus empowering them to continue transmitting this knowledge to their daughters, so that they do not disappear in time. In addition to receiving a steady income for themselves and their families.

MAKUA embraces these positive environmental and social values: