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The name Oropendola was born in the landscapes of the Savannas of Montería, Colombia. This is one of the places in the world where the Oropendolas live, yellow breasted black birds that weave their nests in the form of pendulums. The name, in addition to the beauty of the bird, echoes the sound of its song. It is a migratory bird, and in Oropendola we migrate to discover different craft skills, as a metaphor for our desire to maintain up to date and enhance our skills. The driving force of Oropendola is its craftsmen. They are the ones who give life to the designs reflected in pencil and paper, motivate us and make us feel that we are furthering their talent. We work with artisans from Medellin, creating new opportunities that allow them to generate sustainable employment. Providing support from Oropendola’s creative team, we encourage the development of individual skills relating to their traditional craftsmanship such as macramé. Their hands speak of the experience showing evidence of the trade with marks of honor. They are the stories of their lives traced by the tensions of knots and the strength and passion that they feel for their work. A story that began with macramé, but that dreams of embracing the many different techniques that exist in Colombian cultural heritage. We look to build awareness through a unique product, which expresses our rich culture, the value of being made by hand, and the dignity of the craftsmanship and its people. We are about pieces that are not only valuable because of the time spent making them but are also priceless due to the stories of each individual who is part of the creation process.
For this reason, social inclusion is inherent to the strategy of job creation that we have at Oropendola, since it is understood as a process that goes beyond the economic benefits to generate human relationships, emotional dialogue and improvements in the quality of life of the people involved with the project. It’s about believing in one another. The hallmark of the clothing and jewelry pieces that we design is in its visual prominence. They are pieces that empower you through their volume, language, and expression. A handmade piece is always a unique elaboration and even though the motif may be replicated, each will always be infused with the passion and strength of the person who made it. An Oropendola piece is like fuel for the spirit, beautifying and enhancing the person who wears it. This is reflected in Oropendola’s proposal (products), where some pieces sit between garment and lavish jewelry, visible and appealing due to their large size and charmingly unique.
Our followers are women who are aware that the excellence of a fashionable product is in the finely manufactured details, who vibrate and fall in love with the wisdom and stories integrated in the design and production of a luxury garment. For this reason, they take extra care when choosing a piece and are interested in projecting an image of avant-garde and sophistication.
They cause an impact and reaffirm their identity by committing to the distinctive Oropendola hallmark: a luxury manual manufacture that revels in the deployment of artisanal techniques refined by design. All of our pieces carry a hallmark so that wherever you buy or see them you will know that they are a Colombian product. It will be a brand that continues exploring and investigating, because the idea has always been to progressively migrate to other techniques and manual knowledge, revitalized through design.
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