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Po-Zu is a London-based award-winning sustainable footwear brand, launched in 2006, and currently ranked as the UK’s Number 1 Ethical Shoe Brand by The Ethical Company Organisation. The word Po-Zu stems from the Japanese ポーズ, meaning ‘to pause’. It is their mission to provide feet with unique respite from the frantic pace of busy lives, and to halt the damage that modern footwear manufacturing often causes to people and planet.

Po-Zu run small-scale production lines in partnership with their Portuguese shoe factory, which upholds a strict non-toxic policy, operates on over 70% renewable energy, and recycles over 95% of their industrial waste. As part of their ethical policy Po-Zu donate 3% of their total online sales to four environmental charities: The Resurgence Trust, Pesticide Action Network UK, Earth Community Trust, and Environmental Justice Foundation.

Their biomimicry designed Foot Mattress™ is based on the coconut husk's natural shock-absorption property. Its purpose in nature is to soften the impact when the coconut falls from the tree, and to protect it from breaking when it hits the ground. The Foot Mattress™ moulds to the shape of the foot for exceptional cushioning, whilst providing superb climate control and air circulation. One of their customers described Po-Zu shoes as "like sinking into your favourite sofa". The materials they use come from either natural or renewable sources. They contain no pesticides, bleaches or toxic dyes and are locally sourced wherever possible. Po-Zu has incorporated some groundbreaking ideas such as glue-less shoe constructions that are designed for disassembly, a multipurpose compostable shoebox, and an edible shoe cream.

Please note that all shoes are ethically made. Please refer to product descriptions for respective details.




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