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Their Story is a new company that was set up to expand and develop the currently limited availability of fairtrade bedding. We are developing relationships in India that will see a growth in both styles and choice available to the conscientious shopper who does not wish to compromise on quality. We will be working with fairtrade certified organic cotton, ensuring all labour is sweatshop-free, with fair labour standards, including full time, permanent staff, no forced overtime, with a broad range of benefits including pensions. Workers are skilled artisans continuing a tradition of handmade skills, passed down through generations.

Their Stories
Meena JiMeena Ji has worked for our suppliers Mehera Shaw in Jaipur  for 7 years. She is the quality assurance supervisor and up cycled products trainer. She has two children and is employed full time.  Working for a conscientious fair trade employer is very different from working for other textile or garment manufacturers in Jaipur.  Her employment helps provide for her children’s future. She has health care for herself and all family members and a pension fund.

Ghanshyam JiGhanshyam Ji has worked as a printing master with Mehera Shaw (our suppliers) for several years. He comes from a long line of family block printer and learned the ancient art from his father. As a master printer, he oversees our printing unit and handles all color mixing as well.  Ghanshyam Ji is proud to keep this heritage alive and working under fair trade conditions means he has the security he needs to continue this skill in the way it was meant to be carried out.  Fair trade is supporting humane working conditions and enabling artisans to  take care of their families and provide an education for their children. Ghanshyam Ji receives full health insurance and a pension fund as part of his employment. Shop the THEIR STORY collection