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"White Peacock" Vyshyvanka with open shoulders


The stylized embroidered dress by Foberini has three-quarters of a length -it is the vivid example of the combination of the Ukrainian culture and modern trends. Vyshyvanka with open shoulders "The White Peacock" is made of high quality linen, decorated with gentle violet embroidery. White - symbol of purity, maidenhead, sanctity; violet color - transformation, spiritual purification. The embroidery replicates the main elements, which are most often used in the embroidery of Ukrainian ritual towels. The cut of dresses - free, extended to the bottom (on the sides wedges are inserted). The embroidered dress has button-fastening along the length of the article. On the sides embroidered dress has shallow pockets.

The symbolism of embroidery: The main symbol of the embroidery - the Tree of Life, Famile Tree, Flowerpot, Flower. The Tree is embodiment of people's ideas about the infinity of the World and Life. Flowers are symbols of human life occurring at the present time, the buds mean the future of new generations, the fruits show people's doings, committed to the good of the world. Top of the Tree usually has the central flower that symbolizes the inextinguishable Fire of Life. Peacocks - the firebirds, which carry the development of solar energy, it is the bird of family happiness. Birds sit at the base of the tree and are arranged to each other heads. This arrangement symbolizes mutual love, intimacy, attraction.

Advantages: Embroidery is typical for the traditional wedding towel. Modern cut.

Details: Cross-stitch. Belt. Pockets. Button-fastening along the whole length.

Fabric: high-quality linen.

Made in Ukraine.